PROJECT: Visualizing Caribbean Literature

Visualizing Caribbean Literature (VCL) is an interactive database of literary works by Caribbean people or about the Caribbean experience, led by Schuyler Esprit (Create Caribbean Research Institute) and the students of HIS115: Digital Humanities Research at Dominica State College. From the home page:

The database includes authors and titles that represents the diversity of the body of work that is Caribbean literature in language, genre, author country of origin and publication location and institution. The project also represents works in translation from the authors included in the visualizations. VCL is a student project, a capstone production of the Research, Technology and Community (RTC) Internship at Create Caribbean Research Institute…

Visualizing Caribbean Literature builds on existing work in Caribbean digital literary studies, including In the Same Boats, Caribbean Literary Heritage and the 2020 effort of The Caribbean Digital VII to create a database of Caribbean digital scholarship, collectively annotate the works of Aimé Césaire and produce a generative collection of keywords that inform the constellation of Caribbean Studies.

VCL has an open call for reviewers “who are scholars or experts on authors, eras or areas within Caribbean literary studies to review content and provide feedback to improve the quality of the database and to extend its impact to users in all capacities.”

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