CFP: Global Digital Humanities Symposium

Digital Humanities at Michigan State University has issued a Call for Proposals for its 6th annual Global Digital Humanities Symposium, which will take place virtually on April 12-15, 2021. The symposium offers the opportunity to expand the conversationĀ about ā€œdisruption, connection, virtuality, surveillance, algorithmic bias, data and resistance, the digital divide, and digital accountabilitiesā€ ā€“ narratives common in DH that are particularly relevant today. ā€œScholarship that works across borders with foci on transnational partnerships and globally accessible data is especially welcome.ā€

From the call:

This year we especially anticipate and welcome presentations on the following topics:

  • Global DH during a global pandemic
  • Surveillance, censorship, and/or data privacy in a global context
  • DH as socially engaged humanities and/or as a social movement
  • Equity in digital access
  • DH as a tool of political empowerment

We are always interested to hear about the following topics:

  • Productive failure; failure as a part of DH praxis
  • Critical cultural studies and analytics
  • Cultural heritage in a range of contexts, particularly non-Western
  • Open data, open access, and data preservation as resistance, especially in a postcolonial context
  • How identity categories, and their intersections, shape digital humanities work
  • Digital humanities, the environment, and climate change
  • Global research dialogues and collaborations within the digital humanities community
  • Global digital pedagogies
  • Indigeneity ā€“ anywhere in the world ā€“ and the digital
  • Digital humanities, postcolonialism, and neocolonialism
  • Borders, migration, and/or diaspora and their connection to the digital
  • Digital and global languages and literatures
  • Innovative and emergent technologies across institutions, languages, and economies
  • Scholarly communication and knowledge production in a global context

Presentation formats:

  • 5-minute lightning talk (300 word proposal)
  • 15-minute presentation (300 word proposal)
  • 90-minute panel (100 word proposal describing the panel as a whole, plus 100 word description for each presentation within the panel)
  • Project showcase (300 word proposal)
    • There will be a session similar to a poster presentation fair, in which presenters will share their work with small groups or individuals. Rather than a set presentation length, this project showcase will enable one-on-one feedback and ask presenters to share about their work in a more conversational and extemporaneous way.

Proposals are due by Tuesday, December 1, 2020.


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