OPPORTUNITY: Digital Projects Review Editor, American Quarterly

The American Studies Association (ASA) Digital Humanities Caucus seeks nominations for a new Digital Projects Review Editor for American Quarterly, the journal of the ASA. From the email call:

Digital project reviews carry on the traditions and guidelines of book reviewing in the American Quarterly, including the careful selection of projects based on the importance of relevance of their topics, methods, and theories for scholars working within the American studies tradition. There are currently two open positions.
Responsibilities include:

  • Identifying reviewers and projects, and working with the existing list of both
  • Communicating with reviewers about guidelines, deadlines, and process
  • Communicating with AQ editors about upcoming reviews for issues
  • Reviewing and editing the project reviews, and sending them back to authors for revisions

The Digital Projects Review Editors will also have the opportunity to review and revise the digital project guidelines to acknowledge that digital scholarship is increasingly inseparable from social concerns such as race, gender, class, ability, nationality and colonialism.

This is a three-year term with a minimal workload anticipated to be limited to a few hours per month. Prospective nominees can review the full guidelines to get a full sense of the nature of the work.

Nominations (names and full CVs) should be emailed to Jennifer Ross (jennifern.ross@utoronto.ca) by May 15, 2024.

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This post was produced through a cooperation between Ruth Carpenter, Amy Gay, Rachel Hogan, Elizabeth Parke, Vera Zoricic (Editors-at-large for the week), Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara and Pamella Lach (Editors for the week), Claudia Berger, Linsey Ford, Hillary Richardson, John Russell, and Rachel Starry (dh+lib Review Editors).

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