CFP: The Value of the Digital: #DHJewish Conference and Hackathon

The Value of the Digital: #DHJewish Conference and Hackathon will be held in Potsdam, Germany, April 10-12, 2024. The conference organizers seek proposals that will “critically (re)assess the value(s) of the Digital for the field of Jewish Studies” in light of the critical turn in digital humanities:

For DHJewish 2024 we invite contributions on any aspect of the intersection between Jewish Studies and Digital Humanities. However, we are especially interested in contributions that address the following four key aspects of the digital turn in Jewish Studies:

  • The digitized,
  • The reconstructed/deconstructed,
  • The re-enacted,
  • The shared and co-constructed past.

To submit a proposal, send a short CV and an abstract of no more than 500 words to The deadline is January 8, 2024. There are funds available to help with travel expenses; you can indicate your need for financial assistance when you submit your proposal.

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