EVENT: Linked Pasts 9 (Online, Asynchronous)

Coming up in early December (December 4-15, 2023) is the online and asynchronous Linked Pasts Symposium. From the Programme of Activities:

The Ninth Linked Pasts symposium (LP9) will be a fully virtual and asynchronous affair, better to engage with international participants and different time zones, and reduce the need for financially and environmentally expensive travel. Activities proposed include working groups and workshops with a specific goal and agenda.

Activity 1. Contributing at the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative
Activity 2. How can authoritative vocabularies be more inclusive of non-Western concepts?
Activity 3. LOD People activity launch
Activity 4. Geo-themed sprint for the Digital Classicist Wiki
Activity 5. Map and Present your data with Peripleo
Activity 6. Recogito: The Next Generation

How to register:

Joining instructions

  1. Discussion online-event on 12 December (10.00am-11.30am CET/GMT+1).
  2. Please register your interest through the following form: https://forms.gle/ZKCU1CMUdqaUC8Rn8
    Links to the event and shared environment will be sent to the registered participants!

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