OPPORTUNITY: Journal of Map & Geography Libraries Editorial Board

The Journal of Map & Geography Libraries is seeking 10 individuals to join their Editorial Board. From the email announcement: 

The Journal of Map & Geography Libraries is seeking 10 individuals to join the Editorial Board and contribute to the future directions and success of the journal. We aim to assemble an Editorial Board with a diverse membership in terms of geographic distribution, professional expertise, and lived experience. We welcome applicants from a variety of roles (librarian, faculty, staff), areas of librarianship, and geographic regions, who have interests and expertise in topics relevant to map and geospatial library professionals.

Applicants are asked to provide a brief vision statement indicating why they are interested and what they would hope to accomplish as an Editorial Board member (300 words max.) along with a CV. Please send these materials via email to the journal’s Co-Editors – Theresa Quill (theward@indiana.edu) and Joshua Sadvari (sadvari.1@osu.edu) – by Friday, December 15, 2023 with the subject line “JMGL Editorial Board.” 

Expectations and responsibilities of Editorial Board members

Editorial Board members will be expected to bring ideas, perspectives, contacts, and enthusiasm to their engagements with the Co-Editors and the board. A level of commitment and willingness to contribute is necessary, as the success of the journal depends on the support of the board. 

Board members will be expected to serve for at least three years in their first term, and subsequent term periods can be negotiated. The expected annual time commitment of individual board members is relatively minimal and will consist of the main duties described below.

  • To participate in an annual virtual Editorial Board meeting that will be organized by the Co-Editors
  • To advise the Co-Editors on current trends and topics relevant to the field, especially as they relate to the scope, strategic directions, and operations of the journal
  • To serve as peer reviewers for at least one submission per year and to provide constructive feedback, especially when working with new authors
  • To assist the Co-Editors in identifying peer reviewers and to provide second opinions on submissions when requested (e.g., if there is a conflict between reviewers)
  • To propose topics for special issues and to assist in identifying guest editors as appropriate
  • To provide content for the journal, including writing guest editorials or submitting manuscripts for review as appropriate
  • To identify future possible papers and encourage potential contributors through engagement in professional associations, conferences, networks, etc.
  • To act as ambassadors of the journal to authors, readers, and subscribers, and encourage colleagues to submit their best work
  • To assist the Co-Editors with other specific tasks when necessary (e.g., serving on the Best Paper of the Year selection committee)

Questions you may have about serving as an Editorial Board member for the Journal of Map & Geography Libraries or the application process can be directed to the journal’s Co-Editors: Theresa Quill (theward@indiana.edu) and Joshua Sadvari (sadvari.1@osu.edu).

Applications are due Friday, December 15, 2023.

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