CFP: Datafication in the Historical Humanities: Reconsidering Traditional Understandings of Sources and Data

The German Historical Institute (GHI) Washington has released a call for papers for the Fifth Annual GHI Conference on Digital Humanities and Digital History, to be held December 9-11, 2021. This year’s conference will “revolve around the concept of ‘datafication,’ that is, the production of and the shift toward digital representations of historical sources as a prerequisite for storage, access, and analysis, not to mention their transmission and publication online.” Potential topics include:

  • relations between (historical) sources and research data
  • long-term implications of datafication,
  • long-term consequences of decisions in the concrete process of datafication,
  • chances and limits of shared modeling and conceptualization, its sustainability and acceptance
  • the differences and relationship between research-driven and curation-driven approaches in data generation
  • our expectations on historical research data
  • data management systems for historians
  • (reusable) knowledge representation for historical data
  • data publishing: quality, accessibility and representativeness
  • legal and ethical challenges to collecting and sharing historical data
  • the history of datafication in historical method and practice

Proposals are due April 8, 2021.

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