RECOMMENDED: DLF Fellow Reflections

The Digital Library Federation (DLF) has been publishing reports from its 2017 Fellows. This round-up covers posts by fellows reflecting on the DLF Forum and the Liberal Arts Colleges/HBCUs pre-conference, held in October 2017 in Pittsburgh.

In a post published this week, Nicola Andrews (North Carolina State University) writes:

However, as I prepared to travel to the traditional territories of nations including the Iroquois, Seneca, and Shawnee (also known as Pittsburgh), I wondered how the DLF would truly practice good stewardship and accountability in welcoming 42 new Fellows to their community.  Despite my fears, it became apparent that much labour and planning went into moving the Liberal Arts Colleges/HBCUs Preconference and DLF Forum closer to becoming a true community of care.  In thinking beyond diversity quotas and actively implementing practices such as gender-inclusive restrooms, childcare, allergen-free food options, a quiet room, and a robust Code of Conduct; the DLF Forum created an environment that held space for difference in our experiences, and acknowledged our humanity.  It was humbling to see people be proactive in declaring their pronouns, or for panel moderators to insist on use of the microphone – and I could feel the positive difference this made for attendees, myself included…. The value and visibility of labour became a consistent theme for me throughout the week.

The fellows’ posts, linked below, illustrate insights from information professionals working across a variety of institutions and contexts.

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This post was produced through a cooperation between Heather Martin, Kristina De Voe, Melanie Hubbard, Nathalie Chardon, Rajene Hardeman, Alberto Santiago Martinez, Jenna Rinalducci, and Chella Vaidyanathan (Editors-at-large for the week), Caitlin Christian-Lamb (Editor for the week), and Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara, Sarah Melton, Roxanne Shirazi, and Patrick Williams (dh+lib Review Editors).