RESOURCE: Announcing the new CC Search, now in Beta

Creative Commons has announced the beta release of the new CC Search, designed to make CC content more easily findable and usable. The beta uses the Rijksmuseum, Flickr, 500px, the New York Public Library, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art as its test sources.

“The new CC Search harnesses the power of open repositories, allowing users to search across a variety of open content through a single interface. The prototype of this tool focuses on photos as its first media and uses open APIs in order to index the available works. The search filters allow users to search by license type, title, creator, tags, collection, and type of institution.

CC Search Beta also provides social features, allowing users to create and share lists as well as add tags and favorites to the objects in the commons, and save their searches. Finally, it incorporates one-click attribution, giving users pre-formatted copy for easy attribution.”

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