RECOMMENDED: Stewarding Digital Humanities Work on the Web at MITH 7

Trevor MuƱoz (Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities) has written the first of what will become a summer series of posts documenting the preservation work that MITH has undertaken since its founding in 1999. “Stewarding Digital Humanities Work on the Web at MITH” introduces the institution’s guiding principles and details the considerations involved in server migrations for digital materials that are deemed to be both active records and archival records:

One thing the history of MITHā€™s digital work should suggest is that there are important distinctions between preserving data, maintaining or sustaining specific computing systems, and providing varying levels of access (online vs. offline, original vs. migrated).

As recent projects, such as Amy Earhart‘s “The Diverse History of Digital Humanities” blog, have attempted to excavate the histories of digital humanities work, MITH’s efforts to document the processes by which that work is preserved (or not) and made accessible (or not) illuminates an important institutional context of digital stewardship in the digital humanities.

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