Welcome, Caro Pinto!

We are pleased to welcome Caro Pinto, Library & Instructional Technology Liaison at Mount Holyoke College, to the dh+lib editorial team. Caro joins our project as a dh+lib Review Editor, taking on a role previously held by Sarah Potvin, who remains a Co-Editor of the site.

The dh+lib Review editors‚ÄĒCaro, Zach Coble, and Roxanne Shirazi‚ÄĒrotate through week-long shifts, selecting content from the materials nominated by our stalwart¬†Editors-at-Large¬†and producing short dh+lib Review posts. These posts pass through editorial scrutiny by the team of dh+lib Review and site Editors before publication.

Caro began working with us over the summer, and we are thrilled to have her as part of our regular rotation. Prior to coming on as a review editor, Caro contributed an original piece, Digital Humanities is a Team Sport: Thoughts on #DHTNG, and volunteered as an Editor-at-Large. Welcome, Caro, and thank you for your work on dh+lib!

The Editors

The Editors of dh+lib, Zach Coble, Sarah Potvin, and Roxanne Shirazi.