Digital Humanities Quarterly (DHQ) is currently recruiting for an Accessibility Editor, Book and Tool Review Editor, and Languages Editor. These volunteer positions are enlisted for renewable, three-year terms. As DHQ usually has multiple editors in each area, selected applicants would be working in a collaborative capacity.

DHQ is endeavoring to build a diverse team of volunteers, to ensure contributions from a global perspective. Those interested in applying should “submit a one-page statement describing your interest in the position and your vision for how you would contribute to DHQ’s mission, along with a copy of your CV.” Short Zoom interviews will be conducted with viable applicants.

View the full call for information on the different positions. The deadline for applications is June 15, 2024.

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This post was produced through a cooperation between Elizabeth Parke, Christine Salek, Kayla Abner, Abbie Norris-Davidson, Amy Gay, Olivia Staciwa, and Ruth Carpenter (Editors-at-Large), Hillary Richardson and Linsey Ford (Editors for the week), Claudia Berger, Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara, Rachel Starry, and Pamella Lach (dh+lib Review Editors), and John Russell (Editor in Chief).

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