CFP: Cultures of Scale: Disciplines, Data, and Labor

Proposals are now being accepted for Cultures of Scale: Discipline, Data, and Labor, part of the Debates in Digital Humanities book series from The University of Minnesota Press. From the call:

This volume is designed for a wide array of perspectives. We have much to gain from the complex and critical debates on scale within rapidly growing fields such as Black DH, Indigenous DH and digital Knowledge Making, Latinx DH, Queer DH, and multilingual DH. Along with these and other disciplines represented in digital humanities and cultural heritage, we invite contributions from creative writers, visual artists, educators, students, computer scientists, and information professionals and knowledge creators, particularly those whose work has moved them beyond formal disciplinary training.

Essays and a wide variety of other contributions, such as short sample documents with critical analyses and critical arguments that speak to conceptual and practical aspects of ongoing efforts, are invited. The deadline to submit 500-word abstracts for consideration is May 15, 2024.

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