EVENT: AI UK Fringe 2024, Alan Turing Institute

Throughout the month of March, the Alan Turing Institute is hosting AI UK Fringe 2024, a series of in-person and online events including talks and workshops exploring artificial intelligence. Topics relate directly to our work in library and information science, digital humanities, and data pedagogy. Here is a sample of events likely of interest to our readers:

  • Developing AI Literacy in the classroom and beyond
  • AI, Big Data and Democracy
  • Developing Critical AI Cultures
  • Do we need a humanitarian manifesto for AI?
  • Reclaiming Automated Futures: AI, Gender, and Justice
  • AI and Vulnerable Individuals and Groups: Law and Data Science
  • Exploring Creativity Across Boundaries: Humans and Machines
  • AI for Data Rescue

See their event page for individual event details, updates, and location/access information.

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