EVENT: DHSI-East 2024

This intensive 4-day workshop, “Understanding and Deploying the Basics of Generative A.I.” will be held April 29-May 2 on the campus of St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Instructors will be Aaron Tucker (University of Toronto), Meghan Landry, and Adnane Ait-Nasser (ACENET), with a keynote from Teresa Heffernan (St. Mary’s University) on “Mecha is not Orga: The Fiction of AI and the AI Industry.” From the workshop abstract:

This four-day workshop (9AM-4PM) will outline the basics of contemporary machine learning to illustrate how Generative A.I., such as the text-based ChatGPT and the image-based DALL-E operate. This accessible technical description will be combined with critical readings from science and technology studies, critical digital studies, media studies, and digital humanities that interrogate A.I. from critical race, post-colonial, and feminist perspectives. This knowledge is not necessarily intended to make participants “experts” on the topics, but rather have scholars reflect on how such technologies can add further depth to their own research and provide them vocabulary and expertise to be able to collaborate with scholars who specialize in the technical elements of A.I. At the end of the workshop participants will synthesize these demonstrations and readings, alongside class discussions, and produce the outline for a future research paper and/or research creation project involving machine learning and/or Generative A.I.; instructors will provide one-on-one feedback and trouble-shooting on these projects over the four days.

Registration is linked on the workshop webpage. The early bird deadline is March 1, 2024: $550 for the full rate and $250 for students and low-waged employees.

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