CFP: Texas Digital Humanities Symposium

The Texas Digital Humanities Symposium will be held September 5-6, 2024, at Baylor University’s Moody Memorial Library. The keynote will be Dr. Tanya Clement of University of Texas at Austin. “Digital Humanities Unveiled: A Practical Exploration” is the theme of this year’s symposium, and proposals will address topics in the following areas:

  • DH Content: Diverse Perspectives – Whether you’re an artist, historian, librarian, or data enthusiast, DH content awaits your exploration. Share and discover a full breadth of content, spanning text, maps, art, and multimedia. Dive into rich corpora and explore visualizations that bridge past and present.
  • DH Tools: Practical Empowerment – Join us as we work together to demystify the DH toolbox. Tools are our allies; they help us collect, explore, analyze, and visualize human expression. From data insights to interactive storytelling, these tools empower understanding.
  • Teaching and Classroom Integration: Real-World Impact – DH isn’t just theory—it’s practical. Let’s reimagine education and engage students with interactive projects and critical thinking. Share and explore methods, examples, and ideas for integrating DH into teaching.
  • Research Challenges: Navigating the Unknown – DH research has its hurdles: funding, interdisciplinary collaboration, and tenure value, just to name a few. Join us so that we can all work together to see how DH transcends boundaries and reshapes scholarship.

The symposium is free to attend, and the deadline to submit a proposal is March 20, 2024. Notifications of acceptance will go out in early April.

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