CFP: DHSI-Aligned Conferences

Proposals are currently being accepted for the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) 2024, an aligned conference made up of several related events.

  • The Conference and Colloquium will feature 10-15-minute presentations and 5-minute lightening talks on various digital humanities topics, from a variety of members form the digital humanities community.
  • Project Management in the Humanities on Wednesday, June 5, will include 5-minute talks that address issues relevant to research in that area.
  • Open Digital Collaborative Project Preservation in the Humanities, Wednesday, June 12, aims to address research questions such as, “How can we create viable, sustainable pathways for open, digital scholarship?” and “How can we amplify the positive aspects of collaboration to magnify the contribution and streamline the development of digital projects?”.
  • And, lastly, #GraphPoem invites all connected with DHSI 2024 to contribute text files or weblinks as part of an “ongoing transnational project combining natural language processing and graph theory-based approaches to poetry, with academic, DH-literary, and performative outputs.”

The submission deadline for all DHSI aligned conference session proposals is December 15, 2023.

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