CFP: Digital Humanities 2024

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) has posted a call for proposals for Digital Humanities 2024: “Reinvention and Responsibility.” The DH2024 conference will be held August 6-9, 2024, at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia, USA. From the call:

Reinvention is a call to act with creativity, compassion, and intentionality to better meet the needs of our communities, while responsibility asks us to address those inequities and injustices that the global pandemic has recast in increasingly sharp relief.

Recent years have forced us to reinvent ourselves as colleagues, collaborators, and educators in ways that have had both positive and negative impacts. We have learned how to rapidly move our work online, cope with the unexpected, and use tools in ways intended and not intended. While some of the lessons learned have been immediate, some of what we have experienced will take time to process. The theme of reinvention and responsibility encourages us to reflect on these experiences, acknowledge our responsibilities towards our Digital Humanities (DH) communities, and—with those reflections—take steps.

The CFP invites proposals that align with this theme, addressing topics such as:

  • reinventing approaches to learning and accessibility
  • ways to address global inequities in access to technology
  • disaster recovery and lessons in DH sustainability
  • responsible resource management and collaboration in DH
  • the pandemic’s impact on DH labor
  • DH training, learning, and mentoring in times of academic precarity

DH2024 will be a hybrid conference; attendees can fully participate online or in-person. Participation formats include posters, papers (short and long), panel sessions, workshops, and mini-conferences – which are defined as day-long gatherings that do not fit the workshop format (examples: a mini-conference could be a THATCamp, hackathon, maker fair, or a series of events at a local venue).

Submissions are due December 5, 2023, and can be made via

dh+lib Review

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