CFP: Open Book Futures

Sponsored by Coventry University and the Open Book Collective, Open Book Futures invites individuals and project teams to submit proposals for experimental, long-form scholarly book projects. From the call for proposals:

We are delighted to announce support and funding for three experimental book publishing pilots as part of the Open Book Futures (OBF) project. These pilot projects will be supported by Coventry University and the expertise of OBF’s Experimental Publishing Group (OBF Work Package 6) and will be overseen by the Open Book Collective (OBC).

The call is open to individuals looking to collaborate and to already formed project teams (which can consist of authors, publishers, open source technology and software providers, librarians, and designers). If you apply without a complete project team, we will work with you to find suitable collaborators. Work on the pilots must start on 1 April 2024 and the pilots must be finalised by 1 April 2026.

Proposal submission deadline is 22 November 2023.

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