RECOMMENDED: Finding the Right Platform

“Finding the Right Platform,” by Cheryl E. Ball, Corinne Guimont, and Matt Vaughn compares purposes and features of 10 different academy-owned, open-source publishing platforms, including Fulcrum, Humanities Commons, Janeway, Manifold, Mukrtu, Omeka, Open Journal Systems (OJS), Pressbooks, PubPub, and Scalar. The piece is meant to help researchers, publishers, and librarians answer questions about their projects in order to determine which platform would best serve the work they’re doing.

From the abstract:

“A key responsibility for many library publishers is to collaborate with authors to determine the best mechanisms for sharing and publishing research. Librarians are often asked to assist with a wide range of research outputs and publication types, including eBooks, digital humanities (DH) projects, scholarly journals, archival and thematic collections, and community projects. These projects can exist on a variety of platforms both for profit and academy owned. Additionally, over the past decade, more and more academy owned platforms have been created to support both library publishing programs. . . . Because of the challenges involved in identifying and evaluating the various platforms, we created this comparative crosswalk to help library publishers (and potentially authors) determine which platforms are right for their services and authors’ needs.”

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