EVENT: Directions in Digital Scholarship

Coalition of Networked Information (CNI) is inviting people from its member institutions to a webinar on May 24 from 1-2:30 EST, “Directions in Digital Scholarship: Support for Digital, Data-Intensive, and Computational Research: What’s Next?” This talk will explore campus partnerships, communication, reorganization of library units, and policy development and strategies around current societal issues. From the event description:

This webinar is part of a CNI initiative exploring a broad and evolving set of research partnerships, services, instructional programs, events, and other activities where innovative approaches to digital content are integral to the research process. These activities include working with faculty and students in such technologies as GIS, text mining, data visualization, AR/VR, Python, 3-D printing, artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning, and many more. A recent set of invitational forums examined how different CNI member institutions have evolved programs in this area and how the programs are changing. Background information on the initiative and profiles of the programs of the 24 institutions that took part in the forums are available at https://www.cni.org/events/cni-workshops/directions-in-digital-scholarship-support-for-digital-data-intensive-and-computational-research-in-academic-libraries.

For those unable to attend, a recording of the event will be uploaded to the event page. For those interested in exploring other CNI programming, videos and slides from CNI Spring 2023 Membership Meeting are now available.

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