CFP: TwinTalks 4: Understanding and Facilitating Remote Collaboration in DH

The fourth iteration of TwinTalks is open for submissions for a workshop to be held at DH 2023 “Collaboration as Opportunity” in Graz, Austria July 10-14. They are open to submissions that engage will all aspects of remote collaborative research and teaching in DH in addition to the role of research infrastructures in remote collaboration.

The workshop includes two types of talks: Twin Talks and Teach Talks. From the call:

Twin Talks, i.e. talks presented by pairs or teams consisting of someone rooted primarily in humanities research (with a humanities research problem, i.e. not a technical problem or tool), someone with a background in a totally different discipline (e.g. technical) who has contributed their specific capabilities to arrive at the answers, and/or a cultural heritage professional whose collection knowledge has contributed to the development of the research corpus. Talks will usually consist of three parts, followed by questions from the audience: In the first part, the humanities research question is the point of focus, while in the second part, it is shown how the joint effort resulted in an answer to the respective question. In the third part, these perspectives come together, as the team describes how the remote collaboration went, including obstacles that were encountered, and how better training and education could help to make remote collaboration more efficient and effective.

Teach Talks by people with experience with or interesting ideas about how remote cross-discipline collaboration is or can be addressed in curricula or other training activities.

Submissions are due May 15 and notification of acceptance is scheduled for June 15. Submissions should be 2-4,000 words covering research questions and answers, technical aspects and collaboration experience for Twin Talks, or relevant educational experience for Teach Talks.

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