CFP: 1st International Workshop on AI in Digital Humanities, Computational Social Sciences and Economics Research

AI-HuSo’23, a workshop on AI in Digital Humanities, Computational Social Sciences and Economics Research, is open for submissions. The workshop will be held September 17-20, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland. From the call:

This workshop is dedicated to the computational study of Social Sciences, Economics and Humanities, including all subjects like, for example, education, labour market, history, religious studies, theology, cultural heritage, and informative predictions for decision-making and behavioral-science perspectives. While digital methods and AI have been emerging topics in these fields for several decades, this workshop is not only limited to discoveries in these domains, but also dedicated to the reflections of these methods and results within the field of computer science. Thus, we are in particular interested in interdisciplinary exchange and dissemination with a clear focus on computational and AI methods.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • AI approaches for the interdisciplinary work of the social sciences, economics, and humanities: report on theoretical, methodological, experimental, and applied research.
  • AI for linking data from different digital resources, including online social networks, web and data mining, Knowledge Graphs, Ontologies.
  • AI methods for text mining and textual analysis, for example texts within social sciences, digital literary studies, computational stylistics and stylometry.
  • Text encoding, computational linguistics, annotation guidelines, OCR for humanities, economics, and social sciences.
  • Network analysis, including social and historical network analysis.

Submissions for papers are due May 23 and should not exceed 10 pages. Authors will be notified on July 11 of acceptance.

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