EVENT: DH@Guelph Summer Workshops 2023

Beginning May 9, 2023, DH@Guelph will host a 4-day workshop series on topics related to digital humanities research and teaching. The in-person event will welcome instructors from myriad disciplines and will also offer modular workshops. Short workshops include titles such as Linked Open Data Fundamentals, Introduction to Research Data Management (RDM), and Best Project Practices with CWRC, while the three and four-day workshops include How to End Your Digital Project, The Semantic Web for Humanities Scholars, and Data Modeling and TEI Customization, amongst several other interesting and useful topics.

Tickets to the workshops range from $50-500 CAD. The workshops are hands-on, so participants are encouraged to bring laptops. Additional information can be found at the DH@Guelph website.

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