EVENT: Digital Preservation Outreach & Education Network (DPOE-N) Workshops

The Digital Preservation Outreach & Education Network (DPOE-N) is hosting two upcoming online workshops.

The first workshop is “Climate change, archives, and digital preservation” on April 21, taught by Eira Tansey (University of Cincinnati). Participants need to RSVP by April 17. From the workshop description:

Climate change poses enormous challenges to archives and archivists. In the short term, climate change presents issues such as unpredictable weather and the potential for more frequent and severe disasters. In the long-term, climate change may reshape decisions around the geographic location, appraisal, and use of archives. In this workshop, archivists and cultural heritage professionals, regardless of their location, will learn about how climate change impacts our work and cultural heritage institutions.

The second workshop is “Introduction to Audiovisual Assessment” on May 9, taught by Megan McShea (independent archivist). Participants need to RSVP by May 5. From the workshop description:

This workshop will provide a practical introduction to the assessment of analog audiovisual material in archives, with a focus on the kinds of knowledge one can glean from looking closely at archival media objects, and how to use that knowledge to prioritize archival AV material for preservation.

Geared towards archival workers who encounter analog media in collections in their day to day work, the workshop will consist of illustrated lectures on these obsolete media technologies designed to help participants understand their holdings and make decisions about them. Participants will have a chance to apply course concepts with virtual media triage activities based on digital images. The final section of the workshop will consider prioritization for preservation, and will introduce some tools and methods currently in use for collecting data about AV media to support preservation.

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