EVENT: AI and Archives: Explorations, Possibilities and Challenges Symposium

Women in Focus, Full Stack Feminism, and the Sussex Humanities Lab are hosting the AI and Archives: Explorations, Possibilities and Challenges Symposium. The full-day hybrid symposium is on April 27, with the in-person portions taking place at the University of Sussex Sussex Humanities Lab.

From the symposium description:

AI and Archives: Explorations, Possibilities and Challenges explores the possibilities and challenges afforded by AI in archives, and does so specifically from an intersectional, eco, feminist perspective. The purpose of this symposium is to share interest in, knowledge of and concerns with AI systems in archives and archival practices. We see this event as an opportunity to engage in conversation and to support further formal and informal networking and collaboration…

We start from the position that AI systems inherit the biases of their creators and require a feminist praxis to ensure that AI tools are ethical and equitable and reduce rather than perpetuate existing problematic hierarchies and power structures in archives and other cultural heritage institutions. Invited speakers include Dr Lise Jaillant, Senior Lecturer in Digital Humanities, Loughborough University, who is running three AHRC-funded international projects on Archives and Artificial Intelligence, including the AURA Network.

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