EVENT: Global Digital Humanities Symposium

The 8th annual Global Digital Humanities Symposium will take place as a virtual event, March 13-15, 2023, and as an in-person event at Michigan State University, March 17, 2023. The Global DH Symposium explores how “DH has been a key site for interrogating narratives about disruption, connection, virtuality, surveillance, algorithmic bias, data and resistance, the digital divide, and digital accountabilities. In this moment, shaped by a global pandemic and climate crisis, these narratives and conversations are as urgent as ever. Focused on these issues, we work at the intersections of critical DH; race and ethnicity; feminism, intersectionality, and gender; and anti-colonial and postcolonial frameworks. Scholarship that works across borders with a focus on transnational partnerships and globally accessible data is especially welcome. Lastly, we define the term “humanities” rather broadly to incorporate the discussion of issues that encourage interdisciplinary understanding of the humanities.”

During the Virtual Symposium, live interpretation of presentations from English into Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, from Spanish into English, from Mandarin Chinese into English, as well as live captions for presentations in English, will be supported. The virtual keynote presentations feature Elaine Gan and Thenmozhi Soundararajan, with a response and discussion, led by Roopika Risam. The in-person keynote presentation will feature João Beira.

The program schedule and abstracts are available. The event will be livestreamed (per presenter permission) at go.cal.msu.edu/globaldh.

Advance registration by March 6 is required.

Source: EVENT: Global Digital Humanities Symposium

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