EVENT: Automation by Design

Automation by Design is a global, interdisciplinary, virtual symposium on the politics and culture of digital automation, to be held Friday through Saturday, February 17 & 18, 2023. Hosted by the Charles Babbage Institute at the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering & University Libraries, this two-day symposium explores “The platformization of society, fueled by automation and machine learning, impacts IT users in deleterious, discriminatory, democracy-threatening, and at times deadly, ways that intersect and compound. This symposium will include papers that explore how automationā€”from its algorithmic and architectural design to its structuring, materiality, maintenance, and useā€”has developed jointly with social politics.”

The program features a range of sessions, including language models, recruitment and hiring algorithms, race and automation, design justice, and academic surveillance.

The symposium is free, but registration is required.

Source: EVENT: Automation by Design

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