RESOURCE: Data Literacy Cookbook

The Data Literacy Cookbook is now available. Edited by Kelly Getz (Associate Professor and S.T.E.M. Librarian at Eastern Michigan University) and Meryl Brodsky (Liaison Librarian for the School of Information and the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas – Austin), the cookbook helps librarians prepare to teach a broad range of data literacy topics:

Sixty-five recipes are organized into nine sections based on learning outcomes:

  1. Interpreting Polls and Surveys
  2. Finding and Evaluating Data
  3. Data Manipulation and Transformation
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Data Management and Sharing
  6. Geospatial Data
  7. Data in the Disciplines
  8. Data Literacy Outreach and Engagement
  9. Data Literacy Programs and Curricula

This collection of lesson plans, activities, and self-paced modules prepares “students and researchers to access, interpret, critically assess, manage, handle, and ethically use data.”

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