EVENT: Building Digital Humanities Symposium

The Building Digital Humanities Symposium is a free, online event organized by Western Sydney University in conjunction with Gale, part of Cengage Group and the Pondicherry University and running November 7-25. The symposium “will explore the conditions in which Digital Humanities (DH) can flourish at institutional, inter-institutional, national and supra-national level, considering issues such as building networks, infrastructures, research and industry collaborations, public engagement and citizen scholarship, and career paths for individual researchers.”

According to the event description, “The symposium will give particular attention to the challenges of building Digital Humanities in the Global South, where infrastructural and funding challenges are significantly different to the Global North, and to the ethical and practical challenges and opportunities of engaging with Indigenous communities through digital research. These twin themes will be addressed both through designated sessions and embedded across the symposium as a whole.”

The program is organized around four general themes: building infrastructures, supporting digital humanists, building collaborations, and building engagements and activism. The thirty sessions will be spread over the three weeks. Each session will be 90 minutes to two hours long, scheduled in the morning and evening in Australia, to be inclusive of global audiences.

Advance registration is required, and all sessions will be recorded for asynchronous viewing. The symposium feed is accessible at #BuildingDH2022.

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