RECOMMENDED: 3D Data Creation to Curation: Building Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation

3D Data Creation to Curation: Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation, edited by Jennifer Moore (Washington University), Adam Rountrey (University of Michigan), and Hannah Scates Kettler (Iowa State University), provides valuable information on various aspects of handling 3D data. Topic addressed include: best practices for preservation, management and storage, metadata requirements, copyright and legal issues, and access. From the introduction:

There has been rapid growth in the production and usage of 3D data over the last decade, yet the preservation of these data has lagged behind to the detriment of scholarship and innovation. While the need for digital 3D data preservation is widely recognized, the ongoing development of 3D data creation processes and the evolving usage of content still present many open-ended questions about how to ensure the stability and durability of this data type. Creators, curators, and users of 3D datasets are disadvantaged by the lack of shared guidelines, practices, and standards. This volume, which includes surveys of current practices, recommendations for implementation of standards, and identification of areas in which further development is required, is a result of the efforts of a large practicing community coming together under the Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation (CS3DP) initiative to move toward establishment of standards. The goal of this work is to identify the broad, shared preservation needs of the whole community, and it is viewed as essential to use a collaborative approach for standards development that promotes individual investment and broad adoption. The authorship of the chapters recognizes those who worked to discuss particular aspects of preservation in detail, but throughout the process of development, the entire community has been engaged, shaping the content to meet needs across a diverse base of stakeholders.

This book shares important community knowledge and expertise for anyone interested in or working with 3D data curation lifecycles. It is also available as an open access edition at

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