EVENT: ACRL DSS PDC: What do we do differently? Perspectives on Digital Project Management in Libraries and Archives

The ACRL Digital Scholarship Section Professional Development Committee is hosting a webinar, “What do we do differently? Perspectives on Digital Project Management in Libraries and Archives” on Friday, October 21st starting at 1pm (Central).

Orchestrating a complete digital project management lifecycle to preserve and make archival collections accessible online can often be a challenge. The process of engaging with distinctive collections depends greatly on context, in areas like resources, policies, copyright, and value of materials. Panelists will discuss how they strategize their work respectively through the life cycle in light of unexpected challenges to ensure successful outcomes. In most cases, they will refer to interdepartmental work where collaboration, coordination, and communication are key to successful outcomes. They will speak specifically about their practices, challenges, approaches, and workflows to handling projects, either self-funded or grant-funded, based on analogs and/or digital materials (for example, digitization, metadata, and remediation of collections).

Registration is free, and speakers include Rebecca Bakker (Florida International University), Kristin Clark (Texas Woman’s University), Samantha McNeilly (Auburn University at Montgomery), and Patrice-Andre “Max” Prud’homme (Oklahoma State University Library).

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