EVENT: Humanities and the Web: Introduction to Web Archive Data Analysis

TheĀ Internet Archive is hosting a full-day workshop, Humanities and the Web: Introduction to Web Archive Data Analysis, on November 14, 2022 at the Los Angeles Central Library.

Everyday, significant cultural production occurs globally across the web (e.g., e-poetry, electronic literature, news, social media, and more). As a publication medium that is both a primary source and a networked container of primary sources, the web presents challenges of scale and complexity for those that seek to integrate it in research and teaching. During this workshop participants will be introduced to web archives as a primary source, gain familiarity with web archive research use cases; and acquire hands-on experience creating web archive collections and computationally analyzing web archives usingĀ Archives Research Compute Hub (ARCH).

Participants need to apply, with travel stipends up to $1000 available. The priority deadline for applications is September 23, 2022.

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