RESOURCE: Reframing Digital Humanities

Season 2 of Reframing Digital Humanities, a podcast by Julian Chambliss (Michigan State University), is now available as an open access text. Season one drew Chambliss’ attention to the challenge of definition around digital humanities, so season two became a series of conversations with scholars about digital humanities. According to Chambliss,

to create the list of interviewees, I relied on my own digital past and present. As such, I cannot argue that the conversations are encyclopedic or vital actors that might define digital humanities in meaningful ways were not omitted. If you are coming to this project searching for certainty, you will be disappointed. What I can say is, within the confines of the limitations of my knowledge and experience with digital humanities practice, this set of conversations touched on many of the issues I find to be crucial to understanding the values of digital humanities.

As librarian Laurie Taylor (University of Florida) noted in her post on this resource, this new volume is ideal for “folks teaching and researching in DH, with accessible chapters representing different interview discussions and projects that speak to the diversity of the field and specific projects and perspectives.”

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