POST: Queers (in DH) Read This

In a recent blog post, HASTAC Scholar and PhD candidate at the University of Kansas Rebekah Jo Aycock shared her experiences exploring Queer DH Projects. Relying on Twitter, Aycock (@AycockRebekah) compiled a set of Queer DH projects and resources. These resources include:

#QueerDH Projects and Resources

#QueerDH Projects and Resources was started by Corey Clawson. It was inspired by the project Black Digital Humanities Projects & Resources.

LGBTQ+ Archive Project

The LGBTQ+ Archive¬†Project¬†was started by¬†Charles O’Malley.

The post shares featured projects, including mapping projects, archival and invisible histories projects, oral history collections, and websites and exhibits. This compilation is a valuable collection of resources for DH library folks looking to incorporate Queer DH into their pedagogy and scholarship, or who are looking to provide a broad and inclusive set of projects to share with faculty and students.

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