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The Internet Archive has released Internet Archive Scholar (IA Scholar), an open database that preserves and makes available inactive and at-risk open-access research publications. From their blog:

Looking for a research paper but can’t find a copy in your library’s catalog or popular search engines? Give Internet Archive Scholar a try! We might have a PDF from a “vanished” Open Access publisher in our web archive, an author’s pre-publication manuscript from their archived faculty webpage, or a digitized microfilm version of an older publication.[…]

IA Scholar is a simple, access-oriented interface to content identified across several Internet Archive collections, including web archives, files, and digitized print materials. The full text of articles is searchable for users that are hunting for particular phrases or keywords. This complements our existing full-text search index of millions of digitized books and other documents on

The service builds on Fatcat, an open catalog we have developed to identify at-risk and web-published open scholarly outputs that can benefit from long-term preservation, additional metadata, and perpetual access. Fatcat includes resources that may be useful to librarians and archivists, such as bulk metadata dumps, a read/write API, command-line tool, and file-level archival metadata.

The dh+lib community may already rely on the Internet Archive to access defunct web-based digital projects, and IA Scholar extends that support when looking for specific open-access papers that may not be otherwise available.

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