RESOURCE: Guide to Black History

The National Archives (NARA) has released a Guide to Black History. This is an updated version of Black History: A Guide to Civilian Records in the National Archives, first created by Dr. Debra Newman Ham, with the help of several other colleagues in 1984. This updated guide includes “tools and other resources that can be used while conducting research relating to African American History at the National Archives.”

The guide includes a range of topics, including: civil rights, culture, education, diaspora, military & maritime (coming soon), women, and health, labor & social welfare (also coming soon), and a range of historical topics. The guide includes featured digitized content, and it continues to grow as new topics are added.

This is a comprehensive guide to NARA’s collections related to Black history, and is an ideal starting place for conducting research about black experiences in the U.S. It can serve as a helpful guide for library folks who provide research guidance to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty.

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