EVENT: Lightning Talk Series on Digital Collections in Teaching and Research

The ACRL Digital Scholarship Section Digital Collections Discussion Group is hosting a Lightning Talk Series focused on Digital Collections in Teaching and Research. There will be three sets of talks, all scheduled for 11am PT / 1pm CT / 2 pm ET.

#1: Collaborating on Digital Collections in Teaching and Research. Friday, March 26 (registration link), featuring:

  1. Opening the Digital Archives to the Classroom—Opportunities and Challenges by Patrice-Andre Prud’homme
  2. Have It Your Way: Customizing Access to Collections for Instruction by Ashley Todd-Diaz and Felicity Knox
  3. Digital Research, But Make It Fashion by Bethany Herman

#2: Enhancing Digital Collections in Teaching and Research with Digital Tools. Friday, April 23 (registration link), featuring:

  1. Library Support for Faculty Digital Projects by Wendy Mann and Alyssa Fahringer
  2. Connecting the Digital to the Terrestrial: Historic Drawings of Yosemite by Mike Wurtz
  3. Teaching Metadata and Collection Lifecycles in the Humanities Classroom using CollectionBuilder by Olivia Wikle and Cal Murgu

#3: Highlighting a Specific Digital Collection in Teaching and Research. Friday, May 28 (registration link), featuring:

  1. Out of the Archives and Into the Classroom by Theresa Hessey
  2. Discovery After Digitization: Encouraging Research Through Engagement by Selena Bryant and Deborah Cooper
  3. Sharing a Digital African American Newspaper Archive: The “Weekly Challenger African American Digital Newspaper Archive and Research Guide” by David Shedden

The sessions were organized by Digital Collections Discussion Group co-conveners, Ashley Sergiadis (East Tennessee State University) and Nashieli Marcano (Kennesaw State University).

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