POST: The User Experience of Logging In: An Introduction

Stephen Francoeur (CUNY Baruch College) has written a blog post, “The User Experience of Logging In: An Introduction” that categorizes “the places where problems arise” in user experience in logging into academic library resources. Francoeur details four areas of UX: “the status of the user, the user’s device, the library’s systems and resources, and a vendor’s systems or resources.”

As Francoeur notes, “Probably the biggest frustration for libraries regarding the login problem is that we have a limited ability to effect changes in the systems we buy or license.” The author intends to continue this blog post series as they work through how to improve the user experience of accessing library materials behind institutional logins. dh+lib readers who work with UX, systems, website issues, and other access problems will find this series especially useful.

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