RESOURCE: CariDiScho2020: A Directory of Caribbean Digital Scholarship

CariDiScho2020: A Directory of Caribbean Scholarship is “an open-source bibliography of digital resources resulting from—and meant for—the study of the Caribbean.” From the project,

All of our entries were compiled during one of the out-of-synch events that defined The Caribbean Digital VII conference. We shared a “Data Sheet” on Google docs with our colleagues on social media and on our site. Soon after many joined us adding their own projects or the projects they knew about. Since we know most—if not all—of the contributors to the sheet, perhaps it’s more appropriate to call our method of data-gathering leaguesourcing.

The data featured in the directory is meant to serve as a snapshot or census of digital resources and is intended to remain static, though the original data sheet remains open for new entries. The project represents a light-weight digital scholarship solution that prioritize sustainability and data reuse, through leveraging minimal computing (Minicomp/Wax) and incorporates FAIR data principles to enable reuse and reproducibility. Its collaborative effort takes crowdsourced lists to another level, and playfully recognizes its dozens of contributors.

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