RESOURCE: Web Archiving Made Simple

In his blog post “Web Archiving Made Simple,” Ian Goodale (University of Texas Libraries) presents an overview of the Simple Web Archiver, a tool he created as “a straightforward, open source web archiving tool to create personal archives of websites and the files they host,” as well as other web archiving tools. According to Goodale, his tool “provides an easy way to create small, personal archives that live offline” and “fills a gap not addressed by existing solutions.” Other popular web archiving tools, such as Internet Archive, ArchiveIt, Archivebox and others, focus on different aspects of archiving.

The Simple Web Archiver is also quite adaptable, as its code was written to work with many different types of sites. However, for users with very focused needs, it also “provides a blueprint for the creation of a variation on the tool, or even a completely new piece of software,” that runs quickly, without requiring much CPU power.

Goodale encourages anyone interested in web archiving to try his tool and contribute by working with it and providing feedback.

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