RESOURCE: Guide to Creative Commons for Scholarly Publications and Educational Resources

Pascal Braak, Hans de Jonge, Giulia Trentacosti, Irene Verhagen, and Saskia Woutersen-Windhouwer created a new guide to inform researchers about the Creative Commons (CC) license system. Geared directly to researchers new to CC licensing, this guide can help digital humanities librarians in outreach efforts to promote Open Access literacy among faculty and graduate students.

The guide is a brief PDF covering CC basics, including:

  • Copyright and Creative Commons licensing
  • Questions about process
  • Questions about open access books
  • Questions about repercussions for scholarship
  • Questions about derivatives and reuse (CC BY)
  • Questions about commercial use (CC BY-NC)
  • Open Educational Resources and Creative 21 Commons licenses

This guide is a derivative of Ellen Collins, Caren Milloy and Graham Stone, Guide to Creative Commons for Humanities and Social Science Monograph Authors, ed. James Baker, Martin Paul Eve and Ernesto Priego (London: Jisc Collections, 2013).

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