RECOMMENDED: The State of Altmetrics

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the Altmetrics Manifesto, Altmetric has published The State of Altmetrics, which explores a decade of innovation and growth in the field. Contributions from leading thinkers and authors of the original Altmetrics Manifesto explore topics including:

  • Ethical uses of altmetrics
  • Using machine learning to improve altmetrics
  • Altmetrics as “sensors” to detect the spread of disease
  • What makes researchers more likely to use altmetrics
  • Predictions for the future of altmetrics

The report addresses the rapid changes regarding scientometrics, in particular the move beyond simple citation counting and correlations, and towards contextualized indicators and qualitative impact evidence vis-a-vis altmetrics. Its authors call for the need to keep altmetrics data open for researchers to study, and that those data sources remain open for collection and integration into altmetrics services. They also address the role of digital scholarship and data science techniques for mapping engagement with research, how communities coalesce around particular topics, where altmetrics can be signals of deeper impact (e.g. disease monitoring), and identifying and dealing appropriately with”inorganic” sharing of research (e.g. bots). Since altmetrics have grown tremendously in their use and recognition within academia, library professionals remain important advocates and educators on the role of attention metrics for data and digital scholarship.

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