RESOURCE: Process as Product: Scholarly Communication Experiments in the Digital Humanities

Zach Coble (NYU), Sarah Potvin (Texas A&M), and Roxanne Shirazi (The Graduate Center, CUNY) have published “Process as Product: Scholarly Communication Experiments in the Digital Humanities” in theĀ Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication.Ā 

From the abstract:

Scholarly communication outreach and education activities are proliferating in academic libraries. Simultaneously, digital humanistsā€”a group that includes librarians and non-librarians based in libraries, as well as scholars and practitioners without library affiliationā€”have developed forms of scholarship that demand and introduce complementary innovations focused on infrastructure, modes of dissemination and evaluation, openness, and other areas with implications for scholarly communication. Digital humanities experiments in post-publication filtering, open peer review, middle-state publishing, decentering authority, and multimodal and nonlinear publication platforms are discussed in the context of broader library scholarly communication efforts.

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