EVENT: Digital Humanities Conference on Collaboration (UBC-V)

Sponsored by the University of British Columbia Vancouver (UBC-V) Public Humanities Hub, the lab’s inaugural Digital Humanities Conference will take place virtually from 28-31 October 2020, and will be centered on the theme of Collaboration:

Collaborations of one kind or another are at the heart of most digital humanities projects: collaborations between researchers, between disciplines, between institutions, or between creators and users. The conference is designed to showcase DH research and infrastructure at UBC and beyond, to discuss the various types of collaboration made possible via the digital humanities, and to explore potential collaborations with colleagues at other universities in Canada and abroad.

Keynote speakers include Dr. Tara McPherson (University of Southern California) on “Designing for Difference,” 28 October, and Dr. Deanna Reder (Simon Frasier University) on “Using DH Tools to Examine Neglected Indigenous Texts: Edward Ahenakew’s Old Keyam,” 29 October.

Registration is now open and the full program will be updated in the coming weeks.



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