PROJECT: Innovator Brian Foo Incorporates “Citizen DJs” into Design Process

Brian Foo, Library of Congress’s Innovator in Residence, authored a guest post on LOC’s The Signal blog on the Citizen DJ project. Foo describes the “central goal” of Citizen DJ is “to invite the public to create new music using audio and video material from the Library of Congress. Materials were handpicked for this project because they are free to use with no special permission needed.”

Foo hopes that “Even if you are not a musician, I hope Citizen DJ can be a tool for sonic discovery and serendipity. One of the biggest pleasures of this project is finding that bizarre sound or inspiring quote buried deep in a collection, much like the experience of the “crate-digging” DJ in the 90’s-era record shop or thrift store.” Foo goes on to share a few sounds he has come across while working on the project, and invites users to provide feedback as this project develops in order to aid in making the final result as usable as possible.


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