CFP: Digital Approaches to Art History and Cultural Heritage

The Digital Approaches to Art History and Cultural Heritage conference invites proposals to its upcoming conference, which will focus on topics such as digital imaging, computer vision, network analysis, visual Distant Reading, digital research infrastructures, data standards, institutional projects, digitization and digital publishing projects. Proposals should be for 20 minute presentations which engage with the above topics or which reflect critically on the integration of digital tools into the study of art history and cultural heritage.

From the call:

This conference brings together researchers, students, and professionals from art history, museology, digital humanities, geography, history, archeology, classics and computer science, who are interested in exploring digital approaches to the study of visual and material culture. The conference explores how researchers are integrating digital tools into their research, introduces new audiences to cutting edge technologies and methodologies, and critically assesses the opportunities and challenges that such approaches present.

Submissions can be submitted no later than March 22nd, 2020 through this link. The conference organizers will seek to publish selected papers in an edited volume.

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