CFP: Digital Humanities Research Institute

The Digital Humanities Research Institute is seeking applications for participants in the Institute. Successful applicants will receive a stipend of $3,600, and are expected to participate in all three phases of the DHRI, which include an in-person institute in New York City to be held from June 15–24th, 2020, hosting your own instance of the DHRI that you attend in NYC, and reporting back on your experiences, challenges, and lessons learned in a final report.

From the call for applications:

We are looking for participants who represent diverse DH areas of interest (disciplines, methods, project-types), who work at a wide range of institutional types (universities, community colleges, libraries, archives, museums, historical associations), and who reflect an array of professional roles from graduate students to experienced faculty to librarians, administrators, museum curators, archivists and more. Ideal participants will be able to demonstrate strong communication and collaboration skills and a willingness to confront and overcome frustration. No previous technical experience is required. Applications will not be evaluated based on familiarity with existing technologies, though we are happy to hear about your aspirations and the skills you would like to develop for future work.

Applications are due Monday, March 2nd, 2020, and can be submitted via this form.

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