PROJECT: Digital El Diario

Digital El Diario, “a digital humanities project centered on archival justice and historical recovery of the Chicanx student movement at the University of Colorado Boulder,” focuses on El Diario de la Gente, “an independent newspaper primarily published for and by Chicanx students at the University of Colorado Boulder between 1972 and 1983.”

The creators of the project explain:

Using El Diario de la Gente, we created a plain-text corpus and applied computational and digital research methods in order to explore this under-researched yet significant history. The creators are from a wide range of disciplines, including communication, information science, journalism, history, literature, and computer science, and they conducted this research in a graduate course on digital humanities (DHUM 5000: Introduction to Digital Humanities, University of Colorado Boulder).

The project site makes available the full corpus of El Diario, as well as supplemental readings authored by the creators (Phelan Bowie, Sara Cottle, Eva Danayanti, Brandon Daniels, Shiva Darian, Juan Manuel García Fernández, Jenna Gersie, Joshua Ladd, Xueyue Liu, Wendy Norris, Jackson Reinagel, Ryan Smith, Joshua Westerman, Claire Woodcock, and Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara).

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