CFP: Information-Communication Technologies Enhanced Social Sciences and Humanities (ICTeSSH) 2020 Conference

A Call for Papers has been issued for the International Conference on Information-communication technologies enhanced Social Sciences and Humanities (ICTeSSH). This three-day conference will take place June 29-July 1, 2020, and will bring together researchers, computer scientists, librarians, and more to “share experiences and research results on all aspects of ICT enhanced Social Sciences and Humanities.”

From the call:

The ICTeSSH Programme Committee proposes to explore each of the following themes through the programme, however, it is also open to considering proposals that may not strictly seem to fit into any of the five proposed themes:

Performing research – There are a lot of tools which can help SSH researchers to perform research.

Collaboration – Research cannot stay buried in the lab anymore, and researchers all over the world should collaborate. Science is an increasingly collaborative endeavour because research problems tackled by today’s SSH researchers require a variety of expertise, skills and scientific equipment. There is a set of ICT tools that help researchers reach out to other researchers and find expertise for new collaborations.

Dissemination – Some ICT tools help SSH researchers to communicate their research outputs to the general public. Managing large sets of data and programming code is already unavoidable for most researchers. Tools have been developed to efficiently store and share data, code, publications, and other research objects.

Management – ICT could make management tasks much easier. Also, there are some new options for funding and evaluation of project proposals and results.

Skills – There is so much for everyone to learn about how to use ICT to enhance SSH research. Senior researchers should ‘unlearn’ habits from the past and embrace academic culture change. SSH researchers should acquire the right skills in scholarly communications and keep these up to date.

Those accepted will also have the option to publish full papers in the open-access conference proceedings. The deadline for submission is November 29, 2019.

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